Wind power is energy that’s generated by harnessing the power of the wind through wind turbines. It’s a great alternative to burning fossil fuels (like coal), because wind is clean, doesn’t produce greenhouse gas emissions and there’s lots of it. At present, it’s the cheapest large-scale renewable energy source.

AIR ENERGY Kitka Wind Power Plant is the first wind plant in Kosovo with 9 General Electric 3.6 MW turbines with a hub height of 110m and a blade diameter of 137m together with the blades.

Their height lets the turbines capture stronger winds, but they can start generating electricity in light breezes around 3 m/s, reaching full output in winds of around 12 m/s. The turbines capture wind energy within the area swept by their spinning blades. The area swept by the blades of one turbine is around 1.5 hectare (14741 m2) which is approximately equal to the area of 35 basketball courts.

The blades, in turn, drive a generator that produces electricity to export to the grid. At full capacity, wind turbines can generate thousands of megawatt (MW) hours of electricity.

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